Thursday, October 30, 2008

Continuation of book


Lori Z. said...

Val, these papers and just gorgeous. So rich and varied and interesting. Makes me want to spread out a piece of rosin paper right now and get to work!

HeArt Collective said...

gorgeous and inspiring, just like you!

Heather Robinson said...

Wow, wow and wow....I haven't visited in WAY too long. This book that you created in the workshop is simply stunning. The colours just blend together in such interesting ways and there is a gorgeous tactile sense to it even in the posted scans. I am so sorry I've been MIA but believe me I haven't forgotten about you. Only three more weeks and I can start setting up my new art room and begin to create again. Believe me, your piece will be among the first I work on....I can't wait to create with you. big hugs, dear friend.