Friday, January 23, 2009

Understand with Your Heart

This is something I made yesterday. I don't often use text in my art, but I think maybe I should more often. Other than the text, I didn't really plan this out, which is mostly normal for me. Once again, I used frozen pizza cardboard (FPC) for the base, which is 5x7 inches. I cut up a lace blouse for the background, which I bought at a yard sale a while back and forgot I had. It was a cute blouse, but much too small for me. But I definitely liked the texture of the lace and knew I'd use it in my art.

After I glued it down, I painted it with Sweetheart Blush acrylic paint, then rubbed paste brown shoe polish over it. Then I used a bold yellow paint, and rubbed it over some the lace with my finger. Then I sealed it with Acrylic Floor Finish (AFF) from the Family Dollar store. The rectangular piece at the top is a distressed paint chip, sanded and etched with an awl, and then rubbed with brown shoe polish. I used a corner rounder punch for the corners. This was the kind of paint chip that already had the "windows" cut out of it, so I glued a fiber ribbon piece across those on the back of the paint chip, then glued it to the background. I punched the hearts out of another paint chip and glued those down.

The text piece came from an Inspirations daily calendar. I tore around the text and the image (a parrot), then crumpled it up, then rubbed over it with brown shoe polish, and glued it down. I also used a green skeleton leaf to repeat the green of the text piece.

I thought it was done at that point, but then the idea to make a cross came to me. But I didn't know what to use for that. So I looked around my studio and spotted some screening that I thought would work, and cut it out of that. Lastly, I glued on the rusted bottle cap. Just because I love using rusted found objects (RFOs) in my art, and I have quite a stash of them by now. I chose an assymetrical, imperfect one, because hey, none of us are perfect, right? At least that's what it meant to me, and why I used that one.

Once again, I used some of my favorite things on this piece. Such as lace for texture, distressed paint chip, hearts, a skeleton leaf, and an RFO. I keep coming back to using some of my favorite things. I see that as a good thing. Also, I'm glad I chose to use text to convey a wise message, mostly for myself. If it reaches anyone else and touches them too, that's all the better.


Heather Robinson said...

I love that you continue to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You have used the wonderful text within the piece so it blends beautifully and is an integral part of the artwork. As always, you are an inspiration.

ART*ticulation said...

Oh when I first looked at this great piece I had questions....but then in your post you answered them all :>) Thanks

Interesting that you do not usually use words, in almost every piece I do there is a quote and sometimes a word or two.

Linda said...

Well, you KNOW I like it.

Val Foster said...

Someone emailed me that she tried to leave a comment and couldn't, so I'm just checking this out myself. I've never had that kind of problem before on my blog.

Linda East said... not that you don't have a blouse to you just wear an apron to do art? LOL Oh Val this is so beautiful..that coming from one lace queen to another..the colors are great and the composition is wonderful...You go girl...I am looking at my very own Val Foster art as I cool is that?
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akatrix said...

Val, where's the key? LOL
I love this piece...every new piece is different and more lovely than the last. You are my inspiration!

Neen said...

Very inspiring piece! Love everything about it. I'm new to Altered Art and getting so many ideas. Thanks for sharing your work! ~Nina in San Diego~

Faye said...

Amazing piece, Val. Your blog keeps getting better and better. I have an award for you on my blog.
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Kim said...

Val your art is so earthy and universally appealing, I really like to see it and read how you do it. I can usually use one of the techniques you describe. Great stuff!

morningDove said...

i love the text and the cross was so subtle i'm glad you shared about all of it. I love, love, love it. You have definitely discovered your style. I have rusty stuff i would love to incorporate in my art.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you clarified what RFO meant! Keep on "arting", Val, you are getting better and better!

Cathy said...

I love using text in pieces. You did a great job describing your process in making this. I never would have thought to use shoe polish!