Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2nd Part of Big Reveal -- Heather's piece

I decided to post Heather Robinson's piece from our collaboration project on my blog. My piece, and my explanation of our project, are posted below. Heather sent me her beautiful background on stretched canvas. The colors were so yummy and soothing, it inspired me to do a nature theme on it.. I love doing nature themes. As you can see, our pieces ended up very different, but I think they are both beautiful. Our project was very successful.

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Linda East said...

Wow Val...this is awesome...you lucky girl...you and Heather did your selves proud with this colab..
I am so impressed with the results.
I really like the idea of this type of inspiration..it takes your art to another level..I would think that it could be rather difficult to work on someone elses backgound..but you both are strong talents and have your own style, and of course that is what the colab thing is all about... Stretching yourself and learning from each other in a hands on situation is a lot different than looking at someone elses work on their blog or in a picture. Thanks for sharing...and here is to our Catalog Killing project...I am sure it will be as successful as this colaboration.
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Linda (Okla)