Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Cardinal

Oh my goodness, I finally got some new art posted on my blog.  I can't tell you how pleased I am about that.  This piece was started last November and finished in December.  I posted the background only on my blog on November 28 (you can scroll down to see that).  This was made as a gift for my older brother who lives in Michigan, in a beautiful log cabin home.  I thought this was rustic enough to look great hung in his home.  He really liked it and hung it up right away.  In fact, he took this picture for me to post.

In a way, this is a collaborative piece of art, because I used a picture he took of the bird.  His property is 40 acres, and lots of birds make use of it.  He's a great photographer, so he has a lot of beautiful bird pictures.  He has them posted on an online Picasa photo album, which I have a link to on the right side of my blog, in case you'd like to view them.  They really are great pictures of beautiful birds.  

So anyway, I picked out this cardinal to feature in my art piece.  I thought it would be cool to feature his photography in this piece.  Thankfully he appreciated that idea.  I printed the bird onto a transparency sheet, then adhered it to a green paint chip, then rounded the corners. I outlined it with black permanent marker.  The long rusted piece was found in Kuwait by a friend of mine in the Navy Reserves when she was on active duty there.  The rusted piece had some holes punched into it (I don't know what it was originally), so I decided to weave some yarn through them, the same color as the cardinal.  Then I pulled some bark off a log, and glued a rusted skeleton key onto that.  I kept it very simple except for the background.  I explained how I did that in my post.  This is framed with a neat wooden frame I got at the thrift store, for half price no less.

I definitely wanted to post the finished art piece on my blog.  But I never got a picture taken.  Then it occurred to me that my brother could do that part better than I could.  Soooo, here it is, all finished and hanging on his wall.  And the first time I've posted art since January 1st.  It's about high time.  I'm very pleased with this piece, and thrilled that my brother likes it and that it's hanging in his home!!!

Addendum:  Update on my health situation.  I was supposed to hear on March 16 about the Medicaid, but unfortunately, no word came.  I can't tell you how sad, afraid, and angry I am over that.  It totally sucks!  I can't have treatment until I'm accepted for Medicaid, so unfortunately I'm still hanging in limbo, and trying hard to stay positive.  Not easy at all, at this point.  Thanks again for all the love and support, the cards and emails and gifts, and especially for the prayers.  Please keep praying.


bloubell said...

It is a beautiful piece , I'm sure your brother will love it.

PhyllBeach said...

Very very nice, The frame is perfect inthe photo is seems to have a pewter ctint that picks up similar tones in the background. I'm amazed that is printed on a transparency, you must have a much better printer than I do. may i ask the advantage to printing it that way rather than a photo? Does it have more depth? The outline look dimensional, but I guess not if it is a sharpie. Nice illusion. ...Phyll

peggy gatto said...

Thanks for the details!!!
Special piece indeed!!!
Hang in there, I just know you will be O K!

Terry Pitzel said...

Beautiful piece!

Corinne said...

Val- it's beautiful!!!! your artfulness is with you no matter what! Yes it sucks about health insurance....I pray you hear soon so you can get the next step started...hugs and love to you! I treasure my metallic green leaf collage from you - it is so beautiful. Si happy to hear from you and your muse! xxoo :))

linda said...

beautiful piece, Val So nice to see your work again. I hope your medical insurance gets sorted out soon. You're in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Thats great Val. Prayer will work for you

MrsL said...

The piece is beautiful--and I'm praying for your health AND your health care!

Anonymous said...

Oh Val this piece seems so spiritual for me. In so many ways. I find the red birds such a gift from God. I think they seems as visitors from the other side. When my baby brother died we all saw them and I see them whenever a close relative moves onward. I have one in my freezer in fact that died on my front lawn. I want to make something special of him. I swear he died missing his wife. They basically mated for life you know.
I also love how you collaberated. All art to me seems a collaberation so it's extra special to see where the photo came from. Plus th rusty bit from the gulf where turmoil always presides. That also seems spiritual to me, you made something so beautiful out of something I find very sad. Then you wove the color of the red bird through the sraggled rusted piece. Very spiritual indeed.
Now about your health. I am praying for you and for our health system. It seems so corrupt, noone at risk should ever have to wait for care. Try to remember God is in charge even though I know it would be hard for me to trust too. The bible says he has every hair on your head numbered. He carse about all the details. Love you, Sanna

Gail P said...

Gorgeous! How marvelous to see it done. Everything in the piece words very well. (Okay, my advice is to become a pest, phone Medicaid every day. I had to do that. Sorry to hear that they've put your life on hold. As always, prayers are sent your way.)

Cory said...

Beautiful piece....keep doing art, art is healing.

Blessings and prayers,

Dawn said...

Val a great collaboration of your brothers photography and your artistic skill.... love the natural elements you use,

I hope that bloody medicaid sort themselves out quick and stop having you hanging on for a decision, think of you often

Take care xxx

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased to see your new art and blog entries, Val. All the above comments about art helping are correct, I'm sure. I am praying for you, dear girl.
God bless you.


My Dearest Val..Your art piece is truly beautiful. Im shocked that you have to wait for treatment..I obviously am more fortunate here in Australia...What does it take is there anything your friends can do and thats all of use here. Can we put pressure anywhere to help those in medicaid to see the urgency for you. As Im not from your country I dont know the system..Is there anyone here with some ideas so that we can get behind Val and support this wonderful lady. My heart is with you please try not to be anxious throw your anxieties on our Father and Creator...hugs and hugs Michelle xoo

Anonymous said...

This new piece is gorgeous. The colors and textures are wonderful. And you found the perfect frame for your piece as well.

Will keep the prayers coming on the health front.

God bless you,


Iberostar said...

How wonderful - I really love the use of yarns too - what a great idea. I hope the insurance comes through soon and you can put your mind toward healing.

HeArt Collective said...

i love it.
i have used my brother's poetry in my art before and i just love that connection... wonderful collaboration on your piece, val.

i think of you often and send you love and hugs whenever i do... i hope you're getting them out there in CO...

big love!

Julie said...

It's a beautiful piece of art Val and I love the background.

I think Gail's right, pester Medicaid! I'll pray that you get a swift reply and can start your treatment. It's outrageous that you have to wait.

karleen said...

Dear Val,
I LOVE this piece. It reminds me of my grandmother... cardinals were her favorite birds. She went to Heaven in 1981 but I still find myself wanting to buy her little cardinal do dads whenever I see them. Love the background too.
You have my thoughts and prayers. Medicaid is rough... never seems to be there when you need it. But remember that our healer is Jesus... He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and by his strips we are healed. AMEN

RekindleMe said...

This is just beautiful! It reminds me of my mom back in NE, she loves cardinals!! So happy to see you posting your work again!

Take care and you are always in my prayers and thoughts! xxoo Sharon

queenopearls said...

Val, this is so beautiful in such a wonderful frame. Your brother's photo is perfect here. Great job and congratulations (now) on having SS and Mcaid come through for you. You remain in my prayers for complete health once again!
~ Christina

paru's_circle said...

will keep on praying..

RekindleMe said...

Hi, Valerie! I've been thinking about you again and I wanted to let you know that I just sent you a Kreativ Blogger award on my blog!

xoxo Sharon

artistamyjo said...

I'm following your blog and keeping you in my prayers.
Love the Cardinal,my favorite bird and I'm in Michigan too !

mammagil said...

Hey Val,
Just checkin in on ya. How are things I have been a bit elusive myself lately I hope all is well.
Praying for you

Honeymoon registry said...

I just love all art works. Your blog is pretty inspiring to other artists. Keep it up. Great job!

Cyndi L said...

Thank you for your update on the paperartists group! I am so glad to hear that the end is in sight. I'm praying for your comfort and complete healing during the last few weeks of treatment :-)

_Pat said...

I just discovered why you were missing! I'm so sorry but it sounds like you are mending now. I kept wondering what happened to you!
I was sick myself for 3 months starting just before's like you're in another foggy world. I am praying for your speedy recovery & looking forward to your art.