Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Collaboration Piece

This is the second piece of my collaboration with my art friend Phyll.  This is my piece on which I made a background, seen in the first picture.  (I posted this background and explained how I did it on Dec. 12, 2009, here is the link.)  I sent it to Phyll to work on, and when I got it back, it looked like the second picture.  I was so, so  pleased -- it bowled me over.  She modeled the figure out of polyclay herself.  She covered a miniature trunk with the polyclay and then glued all of those beads inside it.  When I opened the box this piece was in, it took my breath away.  Truly it did.   I was just so impressed with her creativity and what she did to my piece.  Thanks so very much Phyll.  You did yourself proud!!!

I think the greatest thing about doing collaboration art like this is that the end result is such a surprise, and in my experience, far surpassed my expectations.  Phyll took this in a direction I never would've thought of, never would've gone.  I thought what she did was so interesting and so perfect for this background.  It's such a unique piece of art that we both took part in creating.  That makes it very special, at least to me it does.   I'm so grateful and fortunate to own this piece of art.  I plan on framing it soon and hanging it on my wall  

I think I will continue doing occasional collaboration work with other artists because I think it's fun, definitely challenging, and a very worthwhile experience.  I think it's one way, out of many, to grow as an artist.  It's also a great way to get to know another online artist better, in a more personal way.  It's been a pleasure getting to know Phyll better.  So, I definitely highly recommend doing this kind of collaboration.  Be bold and try something new, even out of your comfort zone.  I know you won't regret it!


Dawn said...

You are indeed a lucky girl Val, this is fabulous, love the figure and the trunk - fantastic!

Hope all is well with you, think of you often, big hugs xxx


xinme said...

Very cool! The idea of collaborative art with a friend is brilliant!

Thanks for letting us know about your recent piece in the AB yahoo group:)

Diana Mains Welte said...

this is just so beautiful. what a fun and interesting piece. I love the background, Val, and how Phyll interpreted it. simply stunning.

Gail P said...

Truly stupendous! You two blend
your work together so well, hard to do!

Seth said...

I love collaborations and this is why. Working together and on the same work or art can stretch a person to go in a new and often exciting direction. Well done!

Zora said...

This is a lovely collaboration indeed! As is the black and white one - amazing what Phyll can do with polymer clay. I'm glad to hear you're getting energized from collaborating. Stay strong girlfriend - you're an inspiration.

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

Val what a great piece so much texture and just such a great statement. I love collabs to all kinds, with artists I know and with those I don't know. Makes for great surprises along the way.

I so glad this has brought you so much joy!

PhyllBeach said...

We "done" good :-) A great pleasure having the priviledge to work with you! Hope we do it again soon...Phyll