Thursday, March 27, 2008

Paper and fabric woven postcard

This postcard was made for a swap on a yahoo group. The theme was a technic theme, this month doing weaving. I've seen this type of weaving on art, but had never tried it myself. I chose to use my crumpled rusted (copy) paper and then some fabric for the weaving. It was not as difficult as I thought it might be, but also not as easy as I wished it to be. It took me an hour to weave this 4 x 6 inch postcard. I had the option to paint over the weaving, and do more layering, as some people did for this month's swap....but I liked the way it looked too much and didn't want to cover that up with paint or glaze. You see, I kind of have a fear of "layering" like that, because I have to cover things up, and that's hard for me to do. I think I need to get over that fear, because I love the look of layered art. And it takes guts to do!

The image of the woman was printed on transparency film in sepia ink, then tranferred onto a paint chip or sample. When it was totally dry, I rubbed brown shoe polish over the image. The hearts were punched out of the crumpled rusted paper. And in the center I stamped Lumiere metallic rust paint with some new swirl stamps that I like a lot.

I almost forgot to mention the piece the image is glued to. It too, was a sample I picked up at Lowe's, a sample for window shades. Something I hadn't seen at Lowe's before.

I think I'd like to try the weaving again, perhaps with two pieces of fabric. I like the way the weaving looks, but to be honest, actually doing the weaving is kind of a pain in the zorch. But that's just me.


kristen said...


I love the weaving with the rust paper! And that's a cool use for the window shade samle-Makes me want to go to Lowe's :)!


mary schweitzer said...

Weaving really is harder than it looks. But the result is so great. I love this piece. I keep forgetting that hardware stores are great resources for sample stuff.

Christy said...

This weaving is beautiful! I haven't tried weaving. You are such an inspiration.
I made a terrible mistake on my blog post, it was not wood glue I used but wood filler. Thanks to Mary for catching my error. I hope you see this so that you do not buy/use the wrong product.

Gail P said...

Lovely piece. I haven't done any weaving in a long time; thanks for the reminder.

Micki said...

Fantastic postcard. The different techniques you used, weaving, the shade sample, transparencies etc are all great.

Alice C. W. Dennis said...

Val, such a lovely piece. I like to weave but very very seldom do. Oh for more hours in the day!

Heather P said...

Valerie, I love your blog! I've spent a lovely morning looking over your art. Very impressive!