Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nature Art with a Twist

I finished this piece today. Yippee, I finally got some new art done I can post. I used my usual for the base - frozen pizza cardboard, of course. Then for the background, I used crumpled, then uncrumpled, glossy magazine page. I can't remember if I glued it down, or used double sided tape, because I did that part about a month ago. I think it could be done either way. It's the first time I've ever tried this technic, using magazine page. It gives really great texture.

Although I can't take credit for this technic, I didn't come up with it myself. I found it online at the Trish Bee Design Studio website. Here's the link to her website: . It's a wonderful website with a wealth of tutorials for many different technics. I was thrilled when I found it. Thank you Trish for your wonderful site and all the great tutorials. I'm sure I can learn a lot from your site. It's oh so inspiring!!!

Now, back to my piece. I punched the shapes out of entree cardboard, then frosted them with caulk (the poor man's modeling paste). On the larger circle, I stamped into it for the design. I used the underside of a vinyl carpet runner for the stamp, which has a swirl pattern.
On the other shapes, I frosted the texture onto them. For the painting, I used black acrylic paint, and then rubbed Lumiere gold over the textured parts with my finger. I love the look of black and gold, it looks so elegant and rich to to me.

Now for the leaf. It's a real leaf from my yard. I preserved it with gel medium on both sides and let that dry. Then I used a paint brush to paint caulk onto it. After it set up a few minutes, I used a toothpick to make the leaf veins. After it was dry, I painted with Lumiere gold, let that dry, then rubbed on Lumiere rust with my finger over the textured parts. After that, I used my finger to rub on some black, to get more contrast. To finish it, I sealed the whole piece with Future Floor Finish (FFF).

I had all the shapes done and ready to glue on, when the idea came to me to use the leaf. I've used real leaves before in some of my art, and love them. And gee, they are free from my yard and so accessible, now that spring is finally here. But this is the first time it occurred to me to use caulk on the leaf, to give it more texture. That's why this is titled Nature Art with a Twist. The leaf is totally natural, but putting caulk on it isn't. But even so, I like the way it turned out. I keep sayin' I LOVE that caulk!!!


mary schweitzer said...

This is FABULOUS!!!And I am fer sure going to the link you posted! Check out my blog, I did another Val inspired textured piece,

Gail P said...

I think that you're mantra is, "love that caulk." How can it not be when you do such amazing things with it?! Queen of Caulk, I salute you!

ScaryCheri said...

oh way cool Val. Love the texture on the circle and the leaf is just stunning. Thanks for sharing. Hugz, Scary

Mam and Lizi said...

These techniques are wonderful. And I will be trying them. Perhaps you could explain or lead me to a post about how you use caulk.
I have some really nice rose petals I've been saving. They have dried to a kind of leathery texture, so I think they will be easy to use.
I appreciate your generosity in sharing your techniques and I will be by to visit you again soon.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous piece, Val! Thanks for telling us how to use a leaf.

purplepaint said...

Val - this is very cool!!! I'll have to check out Trish's site, thanks for the link and wonderful artwork! Marva

Jenny said...

Girlfriend, the things you come up with! Love it! I still have some caulk bases I made up, but haven't proceeded just yet. Thanks for the inspiration!-Jenny at

Artyfax said...

another geat technique to try out, thanks and keep 'em comin' - John