Friday, June 6, 2008

I've been tagged again

Ahhh yes, my art friend, Mary Schweitzer, caught me. I got tagged back in April, and listed six things about myself. I'm supposed to list six more things now, but I'm going to arbitrarily change the rules, (because I have an independent streak in me) and list only three things about myself, and pick only three, rather than six, other art friends/bloggers to tag. I think listing six things and tagging six other people is too time consuming, and I'd rather be working on art. Hope you all understand, and maybe some of you even agree with me. Thanks Mary, for tagging me, ( I think). It was sweet of you to think of me.

Three Things about Me
1. I love pens, I'm a pen nut. I used to make pens out of polymer clay, and made myself some really cool ones that I got a lot of compliments on. I also used to sell my pens.
2. I have a phobia of using pens that the general public uses. At work, I won't let anyone else use my pen, and it freaks me out if they pick it up to use. My phobia has to do with germs. I used to get sick a lot, when I let other people use my pen. After I stopped doing that, I rarely got sick. I mean gee, you never know where a person's hands have been, right?
3. I also have a phobia of using stair hand rails and public restroom doorknobs, for the same reasons mentioned above.

Here are the three bloggers I'm tagging. Have fun gals!
Marva at Purple Paint's Muse
Susan at Art Angelix
Linda at Lindart's Art

Click on each blogger's name to go to their blogs.

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Anonymous said...

I share those same phobias, lol! I think hand rails are chock FULL of germs and after I wash my hands, I will always use the paper to open the door with! My husband laughs, but I also sanitixe the steering wheel of our car every so often! Love your art and secretly harbor a love of pens,too!