Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mosaic Heart Fabric Postcard

It's Sunday, so soon again, and a good day to post. And I actually got some new art done yesterday -- yippee for me! I'm SO happy I did, because I've been in an art slump lately, and was really getting frustrated about it. So, this one small piece is a breakthrough of sorts, but certainly no major breakthrough, and no guarantee "the slumps" won't return. I'm a bit nervous about that, and will just have to take things one day at a time.

I posted some questions on most of my yahoo groups recently relating to this, and other things, that frustrate me about making art. I posed the questions to get responses and feedback from other artists, to open a dialogue, that would hopefully help me out and give me some new ideas/solutions to my making art dilemmas. And I suppose also to discover if other artists out there have the same dilemmas I do, so I wouldn't feel so all alone. And I did get a lot of great responses, that hopefully will help me, and I'm very grateful to those who took the time to respond to my questions. Thanks very much to all of you.

This piece is a postcard I made for an online art friend. I will be mailing it out soon. And yes, the background is all fabric. First I glued down the the netted fabric, which was black and shades of brown. On top of that I glued down some pale yellow lace fabric, then rubbed over it with brown Brilliance pigment ink. The lace part shows up better on the postcard than in the scan. Regarding the gold heart, which I love, I pulled out a stencil I've had for over a year and never used, and frosted it with my old standby, white caulk. After I did that, I thought gee, why in the world haven't I used this stencil before now??? At least now I know I'll use again, for sure.

I love the way this mosaic heart looks, especially with the caulk which makes it dimensional. And it was a piece of cake to do, the hard part was waiting for the caulk to dry so I could paint it. I used Lumiere Sunset Gold, and then Lumiere Metallic Rust inbetween the mosaics. The strips of fabric were cut from a frock blouse, made in India, that I picked up at a yard sale a few months ago. I loved it on sight, and knew it would look cool in my art. I love the color and the embroidery on it, and it went perfectly with this piece. The hearts were punched out of a paint sample. So overall, this was an easy piece of art to make, and I'm very happy with it. Gee, if only all art could be this easy.


akatrix said...

Val, I'd sure love to feel that beauty! It wants to be "petted" by ME! So pretty.....the recipient will
treasure it for sure.
PS: Don't ya love those paint samples??? How 'bout those Dutch Boy samples 4" x 7"!

Pearl Maple said...

Congrats on your new peice, glad to see you are feeling happier about being creative.

Some days are like that!

Eastjewels said...

OMG this is great Val...where's the LE

Therese said...

Just took a quick peek at your new art, Val. Very nice...will read your blog later re: this piece. Glad you got lots of responses to your realize now you're not alone LOLOL!

Corbi said...

I love it!! Glad you're 'back in the game'!

purplepaint said...

Val - oh this is cool! Love the color combination! Marva

Kim said...

Good to see your muse stopped in! Love the colors, isn't Lumiere paint great?

Mam said...

It's very nice! I go through these periods, too. I try to participate in challenges to keep my ideas rolling. I'm being more selective about challenges lately, though, because I have produced some things that were not good, just to be in the challenge.
I also look for new techniques by visiting sites like this one:
and others.
I recently started making some of my own stamps. That was inspirational! You can see them at

morningDove said...

this is an amazing piece. your friend will be very privileged to get this piece of art. what a treasure!

Nicki said...

Val - I love this postcard! Your friend is going to be so lucky to receive it. - Nicki

Jo Anne O. said...

nice pc,Val!

Believe me, we all have slumps...the best thing to do is not force your creativity, it will come back, just give it time. Did you know that just sitting in your studio allows you to soak up ideas and store them in your pull out at a later time? I too have these times and when it hits me, I re-organize/clean my would not believe what can come together in your mind by doing that!

Smiles!Jo Anne

Shannon J (Faith & Chocolate) said...

Very cool postcard! You did a great job, for feeling in an "art slump"! Hopefully that is over now! (Those slumps aren't any fun, I know!) ;)
'See' ya around!

Rosie said...

Another beautiful postcard Val! And I love that you bought a dress because it'd look cool in your art - wonderful! I'm so glad it's not just me who does that sort of thing!!! ;-]