Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another piece of Nature Art

;Ahhh yes, another piece of nature art.  I love making nature art, and keep coming back to it often.  Why, I'm not totally sure....except that it's so, well, natural.  I think when I do nature art, I go into a different art zone, a free and easy art zone, with no pain or angst or planning.  It just kind of happens easily and spontaneously.  Beyond that, which is totally great, I can pick up nature items from my yard and use them in my art.  As in, gee, I don't have to make a run to Hobby Lobby or Joann's and buy something to use in my art.  Now, don't get me wrong -- I love buying art tools and supplies, when I'm in the mood to do so.  But I think I love even more using nature items, or natural items found outdoors, to use in my art.

I made this piece a few weeks ago.  I was in the mood to make art, but had no clue what I wanted to make.  So I took a stroll through my yard, and picked up the leaf and the seed items.  I don't know what to call them, but found them in my yard.  And thought great, I like these, I'm going to use them in my art.  Then I pulled out a piece of chip board, and got busy on this piece.

I also used fabric and threads that were on my work table, just because they were there.    I guess I made this piece because I wanted to make some art, felt the need to make some art, and for no other reason.  I had no plan, and wanted to keep it simple and easy.  I also chose to use a cool stencil I bought online, of various sized circles.  I just love that stencil, and I love using circles in my art.  I frosted over it with caulk, which I also love to use in my art.  It's so simple and easy to do that, and yet it creates great texture.  And I'm always about texture in my art.  Sometimes I think that's my main focus, above and beyond anything else.  I hope I don't overdo it, but I can't seem to help myself, when it comes to texture.

I mostly just glued various things down on this piece.  And the key  -- I love the key -- was a last minute thing -- I added it last.  I was on a vintage key quest for several months, wanting the old regular keys, the old unique flat keys, the old skeleton keys, and if they were rusted, the better.  So I bid on a number of ebay key lot auctions.  I learned that buying old key lots on ebay isn't cheap, and isn't easy to win.  I lost a lot of them, but also won a few of them.  And now, I have a fantastic stash of old vintage keys.  I mean now, I have over 100 of them, maybe over 200 of them, I lost count.  I've used them in my art before, on a number of pieces.  And then kind of forgot I had them, like duh!  So I remembered them when I made this piece, and chose to add one.

So anyway, this is what I ended up with, and I'm happy with it.  And I'm wondering, regarding art, what do YOU love making the most???  Do you have a special theme, dear to your heart, that you love making?  A theme you may keep coming back to, time and time again?  Do you love it when you make art spontaneously, with no real plan, or do you prefer to plan your art and stick to the plan?  And what is easier and more comfortable for you -- spontaneous art or planned art?  What kind of art causes you fear, pain, or angst, and what comes so naturally?  For me spontaneous unplanned art seems to come the easiest, and allow me the most enjoyment.  So what say all you artists out there?  Please chime in.


Mary Lynn said...

I love this nature piece. I especially like the way the top piece of grass is curved around the top, leading the eye into the art, and the old key is great. It reminds me of a snapshot of just a random piece of ground and what you might see there.
I have a re-occuring theme of love in my pieces, and also roses, and women. These are the things that I use over and over.

Quilt Knit said...

This is really well done. Now, I would like to know if it is a stand alone piece or is it going into a Journal.
Very well done.

Sherrie Roberts

Anonymous said...

This is very nice. It looks rustic and beautiful and something I would hang by the dining room table for the fall season. It would look wonderful by the Thanksgiving dinner. Hugs, Marci

Carolyn said...

I also like this one, Val. I'm just learning to add more texture and your tips are very helpful.

My favorite theme is oriental art and flowers. However, I have just started to get interested in digital and it opens so many doors. If I could put on canvas what I put up on the computer screen I'd be a happy camper.

Carolyn S - TRENDS

Linda East said...

Awesome Val...this piece has lots of movement...:)
Create & Share
Linda (Okla)

Viola said...

It looks so gorgeous, Val! :)

Anonymous said...

Val I really love your work; it pleases my senses & touches my soul. Re your questions about creating art - I MUCH prefer spontaneous creation, but most of the time i just don't "trust myself" enough to go for it. I like/need to express emotion in my artwork & my best work is when i do just that. Thanks for asking the questions & making me think about it all!
Karla (Brisbane, Australia)

Melisa said...

Love this piece! I have some interesting seed pods I collected on a walk that I wanted to use in an art piece, but I was afraid they'd dry and crumble away pretty quickly. Do you do anything to preserve the leaves and seeds, or do they hold up pretty well as they are?

Blossom-tree said...

Fabulous Val! I love nature art also and you really have some nice elements in there.
Lisa C

Gail P said...

another stellar piece! Nature suits you; found objects are my favorite things to use in art. Man-made ephemera can often look contrived unless they're blended into a piece seamlessly. (on another note, I hope that you've scanned your NG pages to use over and over, they're stunning!)

Helen Percy Lystra said...

It's beautiful.

mary schweitzer said...

I bow to the Queen Of Texture! giggle
No really, you are the best. great work.

Ashlyn said...

Your nature piece is absolutely breath-taking!!! I wish I could watch you make it, I would over to know how it all came together. Any chance you'd make a video blog?? I'd definitely watch it!

Hugs, Ashlyn

perilloparodies said...

So pretty and peaceful. Makes me want to take a nature walk. Love the colors and the forms you used!! Just so nice.

Redfish Artwork by Vickie Fisher said...

I love your art!! I think I will be learnin' some stuff from you!!! It is all so beautiful!!!