Monday, February 18, 2008

TA DA!!! I finally got my Melange Book posted online.

This is the first time I've posted this whole book online. A few pictures were included on my artist profile on Layers upon Layers last November, but the whole book, cover to cover, hasn't been posted anywhere online. Now that I have an art blog, this is the time and place for me to post it.

So, here it is. This was a group project of my local book arts group, the
Mile High Book Arts group, here in the Denver metro area. Karen Campbell is our very artistic and talented group leader (aren't we lucky?), and she presented this project along with another member, Terry Ross, last summer. We worked on it for two months at home, and then during two meetings. The Melange Book was featured in an altered art magazine first, where Karen got the idea to do it as a project for our group. Sorry, I don't recall which magazine it was in, it was one that I don't get.

Anyway, this was one of the best group projects we've done so far, in my opinion. I got very psyched up about making this book, and worked diligently on my pages at home until I got all 10 of them done. Putting it together wasn't terribly difficult, because I got good instructions from Terry at our meeting. I did, however, run into some problems on my own, and had to figure out how to correct them. At first I panicked, then settled down to troubleshoot and finish my book.

This is indeed one of my most, most cherished altered books. I worked very hard on this, and am very proud of the results. I doubt I ever would've had the nerve to attempt to make this book on my own, by myself, though. That's one of the many wonderful advantages of belonging to MHBA. I was excited and motivated to do this book since it was a group project, and I knew I'd get instruction and help.


christygrant said...

Hey Val! Your book looks great and so does your blog. I've marked it for the future, too. :0

Kim said...

You should be proud of your book , it's beautifully done. The artwork looks fabulous , as do your covers - I don't know if you made them or they came that way but they look really good.