Saturday, November 1, 2008

New art I just finished

Yes, I actually got off the computer, and made art today. In like about two hours, this is what I created. I used colors that I like together, burgundy/wine and yellow/orange. These are some of my favorite color combos -- I just love them together. And believe me, I have no knowledge of how to use colors together, I barely know how to read or understand the color wheel, even though at times I've tried to study it and learn it. But I didn't get very far in that persuit. I really don't know much about color, or how to use colors together....and sometimes that bothers me and intimidates me. On the other hand, I mostly just use color combos, colors together, that appeal to me and that I like personally. And in the overall picture, I think that works out well enough.

As in often the case with me, when I sit down to do art, I don't have much of an idea of what I want to create. There are times that does happen, and it pleases me, and I go with it, but it's not something I can expect or depend on. I truly wish that was more often the case, where I knew what I wanted to create and had a plan, and then executed it....but no, that only seems to happen now and then and randomly. Then again, on the other hand, I feel some of my best art is pulled out of a hat, spontaneously, and not planned at all.

I have to say, most of the time when I create art, I fly by the seat of my pants! That is usually the way it goes for me. I'm not even sure I should admit sounds rather "unartistic". I have to admit, I've been in a strange and unwanted state lately, regarding my art. And I haven't done much art at all in the past two months.

Well, it is what it is, and as I've often said here on my blog, I'm always happy when I get new art done, and can post it on my blog. The thing about having a blog is that if I hit a dry period artwise, and have no new art to post, it's not just a private matter between me and my muse. It used to be that way, before I started my blog. But now that I have my blog, and other people visit it, if I don't create new art, or post, over a period of time, others know it, and it isn't just between me and my muse. And yes, I find myself feeling guilty about that and bad about that. It's a bit hard to admit that, and yet it's true. So, is it just me, or do other artists feel the same way?

Geez, I'm not sure if I should write about all this on my blog. I feel the need to, but then again, it's kind of scary to put it out there on my blog, for all to see. Yes, I do consider myself an artist, but then there are times when I feel like I must be an imposter, and fooling myself as well as other people. Well, please forgive me, I'm just in a weird, crazy state of mind right now, and have been for a while.

So, I'll get on with explaining how I made this piece. The base is frozen pizza cardboard, my usual with most pieces. First I glued down, with matte Mod Podge, a piece of grid fabric. Then I crumpled up, then uncrumpled, then glued down with MP fuschia and yellow tissue paper. Then I rubbed over it with brown shoe polish. Then I distressed a piece of yellow paint sample, by sanding it, then scoring it with an awl, then rolling over it with a dress pattern tool, then rubbing over it with brown shoe polish. I must admit, I really, really got into distressing the paint sample, to the point where I was taking out my frustrations on it!

After I got it all distressed, I punched out the various shapes with paper punches. Before I glued them down, I used paint on swirl stamps to stamp the piece, then glued down the shapes. Then wrote on them with permanent brown marker. Then glued down the very cool old key, which I got off ebay in a key lot. Then I used a metallic gold paint pen to mark the edges of the piece, and the edges of the shapes. Soooo, that's how this piece was made.

I don't often use text in my art, so I must've felt like I had something to say here. Probably because I've felt "distressed" and stressed lately. I find that interesting, that I chose to do that. Kind of like it came out of nowhere, for me to convey an actual message in this piece of art. I seldom convey, or try to convey, messages in my art. I must've felt, or my muse felt, that I had to convey this message. I think mostly for myself.


mary schweitzer said...

I can totally relate to how you feel! Having a blog is a huge step artwise. We are putting ourselves and our meager efforts out there for all to see. I always wonder,'is this good enough,original enough etc. to share.'
I am a BIG fan of your work, you always inspire me.

Iowa Sunshine said...

I love your new art! It helps us to create, at least i know it does me. =) I love your message. Great work. HUGS

Kim said...

I think we have all felt like you at one time or another. Some days it is really hard to take chances, others I really like what I did and want to share it. I like your art, Val, keep on doing your thing, it is working. Even if a bit sporatically!

Anonymous said...

Words to live by, Val! Of course, I love the texture.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean
I have had a dry period for months now - and before no one knew - just me. But blog wise - it feels like I have "let people down" and I certainly feel like I am starting over again.
I like your "key to distress" piece.

Dawn said...

Val when I read your piece I was thinking this so could be me... you have expressed exactly how I feel with the art and the blog and not being able to create at the moment. It gives me hope when I read a blog like this cos I know I am not the only one feeling distressed at not creating. I have not got to that stage where I consider myself an artist, just someone who feels the need to create. I too cannot use a color wheel and go with what I feel lol, seems you and me are kindred spirits - love what you do when you do it so keep your chin up and go with your muse when she is there xxxx hugs from me to you xx

Nicki said...

Val - this is beautiful! Hang it where you can see your message to yourself daily!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful piece. I must admit, i too love those rich beautiful colors of Autumn. Sometimes the Universe or our muse- puts a thougt-message into our head that we just can't ignore. It appears that is what happened to you with this piece. Keep up the good work!


Nona Parry said...

Val, check out BWO (Blogging Without Obligation). Even when I'm making art, I don't always find time to post about it. BWO removes the guilt!

There is nothing remotely "unartistic" about flying by the seat of your pants! That kind of creating In The Groove is what we all hope for! Enjoy it! u b u!

And if you don't know how to use a colour wheel, your colour combinations are rich and beautiful anyway!

Keep arting!

Christy said...

Phooey on the color wheel. Innately you can put together pleasing combinations without it. There are very few color combinations that can not be done to look good. Keep that in mind. As for the blog... BWO is the only way to blog. There is no obligation. I am a regular reader of your blog. The only disappointment I feel is when I read that you are having to work (the stuff that pays the bills :) so much that you don't have time/energy for art.
And darling you are an artist. And Dawn too. Do you think that Picasso planned out everything he did? No he did not!! That gut 'roll with it' kind of art is what masterpieces are made from. It's intuition and sub-conscious and inspired and soulful and that always finds a way to present itself in the piece. It's the folks who following along or create art with a mass production type of attitude who fail to connect with the art itself and whose art generally feels incomplete. You should start to worry if that is all you make!! Ok, done with my little rant in your comment box now :)

The Tattered Rose said...

I love your new piece. Maybe the political messages are filtering through your subconscious. I've had a dry spell, too, when I was working on some other concerns instead of blogging and I don't really feel guilty, but I feel like I was away too long. I really love my bloggy friends. I love the idea of taking a workshop with Lynn Perella - her work was a great inspiration to me to begin making my own creations. I hope the response to this post has cheered you up bit. If not, you might try taking a sledge hammer to something substantial. Always nice to have metal pieces for something. Cheers, Trish G.

Glo said...

Great piece. I love the texture and I really like that you shared how you did it. Thanks for that.