Sunday, November 30, 2008

“Marie Antoinette…A Real Person…A Real Award”

Oh my goodness, I've been given another blog award. This is my third award, and I feel the same way I did when I received my first one.....honored, thrilled, appreciative, and humbled. It always means a lot to me to receive an award for my art and my blog, no matter how many times it might happen. This award was given to me by Nancy at Never Enough ATC’s — More than enough Grace blog. Thank you so very much Nancy, for thinking of me and giving me this award. I certainly treasure it and greatly appreciate it. I am so glad that we are online art buddies. To link to Nancy's blog, and see her beautiful and creative ATCs and very interesting blog, just click on her name.

Now I am to pass on this award to seven other deserving artists. It's always hard to narrow it down, but these are my seven choices. Click on their names to link to their blogs. Please go to view their beautiful art and enjoy their interesting blogs.  

The people I chose here are supposed to post the award on their blogs, link to the person who awarded it to them, and then pass it on to seven other bloggers, and link to them.  Also, email or leave a comment on their blogs regarding the award.  Congratulations, all you fine artists.  Now it's time for some recognition for all of YOU!!!

Zeborah -- who creates beautiful art, especially her abstract work

Gravitee at Sense Engaged -- who creates amazing digital art

Trish at Artistic Journey -- who does wonderful sketching and encaustic work

Pat at Artrix -- who has a fun and interesting blog and much beautiful, unique art

Christy Grant at Art Chickadee's Reflections -- who is an amazing artist and you can learn a lot from her blog

Mary Schweitzer at Green Woman Creating -- who has stunning and innovative art on her blog

Rachel Murphree at Art Spirals -- who creates very unique and beautiful fabric/fiber art


christygrant said...

Wow, Val, I'm speechless. That doesn't happen often! Thank you for the award and for your incredible comments. I'm humbled and doubly-honored. You're one of the best I know at taking a chance and seeing what a product will do or how to use something in a different way. Now THAT'S creativity! Kudos on YOUR award!

Rachel Murphree said...

Val! this is really exciting! thanks so much. this is my first blog award and it's really fun. I'm off to bed now, but I've had fun getting to know the other winners...I hadn't seen some of their blogs yet. wonderful company I'm in! thank you again and I'll do my posting/award giving tomorrow....

akatrix said...

Val, you sweetie pie! I am shocked and like you said..... so humbled, for being chosen by someone whose work I admire so much! I first met you in the "rusty" era and have enjoyed popping in every so often to see your newest creations and ideas. It's dangerous, however, because there is so much inspiration on your blog (and others) that I tend to start entirely too many projects! I am trying to discipline myself to finish one project before starting another.
So if I don't visit as often as I'd like, it's not because I don't love to see your new's because I'm afraid, very afraid, I'll see something I need to try!
Thanks ever so much for the kudos and the blog award. I'm thrilled!

Thank you so very much for the lovely comments you left on my blog. There is nothing like another artist appreciating your work.